Exhibit from a dripping personal collection, Elaine Cameron-Weir


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The Canadian Elaine Cameron-Weir (b. 1985 in Alberta, lives and works in New York) made a name for herself with her extraordinary sculptures, in which she combines natural elements like minerals and shells with objects from everyday life: light blue neon lights, metal tables, car mirrors, cables, medical instruments. With their long shapes and scaly surfaces, some of the works resemble snakes, while others look like the chain mail of medieval armor. Some of them are activated electrically and move quietly. The ambience of science fiction and archaic mythology feels like a laboratory in which mysterious experiments are carried out. The notion of artificial intelligence isn’t far off, but the aromas of resin and incense drifting through the space charge it with feelings of longing and desire. Elaine Cameron-Weir’s works master the fusion of organic regeneration and technological development. 

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