Indecent Exposure

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  • Indecent Exposure
  • Indecent Exposure

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Born at the end of the analog era, a time filled with cassettes, disposable cameras and hardcore shows at VFW halls, Indecent Exposure or IE was one of the earliest black and white photocopied graffiti zines to be made. Everyone involved with IE became a part of its legion of lawlessness, hilarity, and counter measures to fitting into society. We were a band of skeptics that did our own background checks, made our own bus passes, and evaded all the normalcy that the rest of society shoved down our throats. Before the internet took over and gave almost every human their own stage to dance on, before all the chitter chatter in the comment sections, and before the incessant phone checking, there was us. Camped out at grimy coffeeshops, drying our clothes out, smoking Old Golds, drawing and writing and reading and waiting for the night to fall. Before IG there was IE. And with IE we validated each other through and through.

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