Evan Holloway


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Since first exhibiting in Los Angeles in the late 1990s, Evan Holloway has earned a reputation as one of the most inventive sculptors of his generation. Looking at the legacies of modernism, while also engaging ideas and methods from a diverse range of cultural sources, Holloway's sculptures are a corporeal amalgamation of mathematical, alphabetical, and geometric systems, color spectrum charts, and 3D diagrams of social structures that are simultaneously comic, delicate, brute and earnest. The works featured are grouped thematically, phenomena, figuration, metasculpture, indexes, reversa, to highlight the crosscurrents of Holloway's diverse body of work. In this first monograph on Holloways work, over 100 full color images are accompanied by an introductory text by Ralph Rugoff, an in depth look at three experimental projects by Liz Kotz, and an interview by critic Bruce Hainley.

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