Flint Magazine Issue 1+2

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Featuring the work of over 20 international contributors; artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers. The item includes Issues 1 & 2 of Flint Magazine, table of contents listed below. 

Issue 1:

1. Flint Magazine: A Rock Collection
Maia Asshaq & Benjamin Gaydos
2. Milk Moons, Gwynne Johnson
Curated by Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography
3. Dots and/or Lines in Variating Pattern, Kawandeep Virdee
4. Three Stories About Rocks, Jason Dilworth
5. Rock Piece, Pauline Oliveros
Typeset and printed by Megan O'Connell
6. would you call it a place, Patricia No & Megan Stockton
Risograph printing by Megan Stockton & Paul Goodrich
7. Minerals of New York, Ilana Halperin
8. Long Distance Operators, Francis McKee
9. Generations, Amy Sacksteder
10. Anthropocene, Daniel Horton
11. Rock Record: Flint Magazine Issue 1
Warren Defever, Mike Bullock, JT Bullit, Francisco Lopez, and Matt Klimas

Issue 2:

1. Iron Teaching Rocks How to Rust, Olayami Dabls
Risograph printing by Issue Press
2. Pierres/Stones, Roger Caillois
Translation by Valentine Umansky, Intro by Donna Roberts
3. SEEK, The Institute for New Feeling
Essay by Rebecca Worby
4. Between Two Rocks, Ethel Kabwato, Lynn Crawford, Cynthia Marangwanda, Traci Currie
Curated by Zimbabwe Cultural Centre of Detroit
5. C. Alcite, Richard Weston
6. A Idade de Pedra, Ana Vaz
Essay by Filipa Ramos
7. Heroes, Gods, & Beasts, Bejamin Gaydos
8. Smoke Without Fire, Paul Elliman
9. Flints Water Project, Pope.L
Curated by What Pipeline

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