Louise Nevelson—I Must Recompose the Environment, Edited by Caitlin Julia Rubin

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In 1967, for her first museum retrospective, Louise Nevelson (1899—1988) was given carte blanche to transform the Rose Art Museum into an all-encompassing, theatrical environment for her sculpture. Nevelson installed her show across the whole museum, draping the walls of the permanent collection with the colors that reflected the black, white, gold, and navy palette of her works. Louise Nevelson: I Must Recompose the Environment includes never before published exhibition layouts (annotated by Nevelson), installation photographs and texts that place this show in context of Nevelson’s career and the museum’s early history. This publication accompanies now out-of-print catalogue of the 1967 show organized in collaboration with the Whitney Museum and serves as a document both of the then-nascent museum and the solidifying legacy of an artistic icon.

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