Man in a Room Spray-Painting a Fly (or at Least Trying To), A

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Conceived as a carefully staged gathering of texts slowly composing a unique, layered narrative, the book develops around a main character presented, like literature, as a corpse to be reanimated ad absurdum. This main story is then interrupted, fragmented and diverted from by other tales, stage directions and possible scenarios that operate as proposals for narrative changes.The writing is woven together as a continuous interlocking prose. It utilises the mechanics of storytelling to reflect upon the relation between the perception of objects and the abstract working of our subjectivities as readers or writers.Moving between and alluding to the different conditions of writing whether film scripts, drama, letter writing, or mere notes for future projects this is the first novel by Francesco Pedraglio, presenting the possibility of a story within numerous other possible stories, and exploring the fault lines of communication between the text and the spoken performance.