Marfa Journal #17

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  • Marfa Journal #17
  • Marfa Journal #17
  • Marfa Journal #17

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Please welcome MARFA 17, created with our trademark UNWAVERING INDECISIVENESS. Framed by three imagined blackmail letters from our collective senses of shame, with this issue we learnt to take things in our stride. Or did we?

Things are always going to go wrong in life but a stroke of bad luck only means you had luck to lose. And for MARFA 17, we were very fortunate with contributors Juergen Teller, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Esther Theaker, Lily McMenamy, Jack Day, Max Pearmain, Jess Cole, Lizzi Bougatsos, Senta Simond and Theo Sion etc. 

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