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Peter is an approach to Russia, a nation at once so old and so young, established as it now exists only twenty-five years ago, in 1991, out of the dismembered Soviet Union, the great USSR. Peter, or Piter, as the city’s residents familiarly call Saint Petersburg, Petrograd, or Leningrad—its changing names—has always been and remains an important city in the development of political and intellectual events in Russia. The former imperial capital, born out of a hatred for Moscow, and now enjoying the support of Vladimir Putin, who was born there, has become a hinge between Russia and Europe. Photographer Carma Casulá explores both the monumental central district, with its Old World air, and the austere Soviet peripheries, prey to voracious real estate speculation, examining the city’s social fabric and charting a different kind of “map” through the inhabitants and their homes.

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