Peter Sandbichler

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Presented for the first time in this book, Peter Sandbichler's works operate along the trajectories of different discourses surrounding general themes such as information and the public sphere, subjectivity and architecture, artwork and materiality. An interesting aspect of Sandbichler's approach is the fact that he depicts essentially obdurate current issues in an utterly amazing materiality, thereby aiding the articulation of an inner sadness which only ever comes across as something trite in our overloaded, mediatised world, if it finds expression at all any more. This has much to do with the way Sandbichler forms his materials, for example whenever he creates small origami sculptures from newspaper through which a figure such as Bashar al-Assad - Syria's President to whom his father's function and title were simple transferred at the behest of the socialist Baath-Partei in an unopposed referendum - is depicted in a number of different facets.

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