Roman Signer: Slow Movement


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An exciting new series coming from the Barbican Gallery, The Curve Series 23features a single body of work by one artist in tandem with an installation intheir noted Curve exhibition space. In this inaugural volume Swiss artistRoman Signer s use of the kayak, a symbol and form he has employed in his workfor over 30 years, provides the jumping-off point. The red kayak in the currentinstallation Slow Movement (2015), towed by a rope suspended from the ceiling,navigates the 300-foot-long gallery as if moving through a canal. Signer is wellknown for his action sculptures and sculptural installations plus videos thatpush everyday objects and situations to absurd ends. This slender volume ofcolor photographs documenting Signer s kayak installations over the years isbookended with an essay by art writer Rachel Withers and an interview with theartist by editor and teacher David Signer.