Salones de belleza. The beauty salons

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  • Salones de belleza. The beauty salons
  • Salones de belleza. The beauty salons
  • Salones de belleza. The beauty salons

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Writers & poetas /
Escritores & Poets
at Aeromoto

Kit Schluter
Tatiana Lipkes

Between 2017 and 2020, the Aeromoto public arts library in Mexico City organized a monthly series of bilingual readings. The gatherings, called Salón de belleza (Beauty Salon), brought together more than 70 poets and writers from many generations, contexts, and traditions, predominantly from Mexico and the United States, but also from various parts of Latin America and Europe. In these events, translation was used to bridge linguistic and cultural gaps between poets separated by political borders, and helped to create a space in which literatures of different origins and approaches could coexist. The result of this collective initiative was a unique cross-section of some of the most intriguing writing taking place in the Americas during the second decade of this century. Salones de belleza: Writers in Aeromoto gathers work from these writers—in a completely bilingual edition—many of whom are appearing in translation for the first time.

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