Sofie Bird Moller: Artist's Book


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Mentored by Germany s renowned post WWII painter Gunter Fšrg, young Danish artist Sofie Bird Moller brings the materials and techniques of the 20th century into the present. Moller creates paint overs with fashion photography that combine figuration and abstraction in a disorienting combination of superficiality. With her body and fingers, she layers on thick, lush acrylics over the images, often advertisements featuring subjects like erotic Mexican wrestling. The elegant photos turn abstract, with the added paint layers suggesting naked flesh, muscle and meat. Consciously using contradiction the sense of an excruciatingly boring situation exploding in intoxication to create interferences, she releases the historical aspects of the material into the moment. Texts by critic Laura Henseler, curator Anders Kold and collector Wilhelm SchŸrmann.

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