The Skirt Chronicles Vol IX

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  • The Skirt Chronicles Vol IX
  • The Skirt Chronicles Vol IX
  • The Skirt Chronicles Vol IX

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Three Trilogies

The first three Volumes ofThe Skirt Chronicleswere made in total discovery, everything was new, each day learning more and more about what we were embarking upon. Then, Volumes IV, V, and VI were so fun to make, taking everyone by surprisewe were there. The following three were made sometimes remotely, yet never disconnected, at a time that challenged the world.

We all have our favorites, and were quite sure you do too. Maybe it will be this one, Volume IX, as youre playing table tennis in a galaxy far, far away. Or are you waiting for Mira, Toyin, and Edmund to finish their conversation with Maurice Blanchot in Tbilisi. Perhaps you prefer balancing loads and Joséphine in Bloomsbury by a spikey tree heavy with fruit stones. If not, there is always the bureau by the vines on the summit of the funny rose.

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