Untitled . (1-5), Nazareth Hassan

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Hassan has written a Black litany that is also a Black liturgy. Untitled. (1-5) is a chanting down of Babylon without and Babylon within. It takes the staccato collapses of composure under duress, and drums them into a crazy rhythm. This is a chant that wields laughter against comedy, but preserves the humor within the grotesque. It gradually builds sound into a wave that crashes over any remaining threadbare notions of a sovereign self.
-Tavia Nyong'o

Reading Untitled. (1-5), I felt my eyes playing across the page, even as I could feel the language in my body and hear it, too, in my ear. Hassan is taking the reins, the ruins, of this language, American English, and making new language.
-Agnes Borinsky

What an extraordinary work. I greatly appreciated this audio and literary performance piece as existentialist musing, as self-reflection, as play with the temporal and typographical. Such a delicious, robust offering.
-Aleshea Harris

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