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Xilitla is the name of a film presented by visual artist Melanie Smith at the 54th Venice Biennial in 2011. It is a piece that combines the very different media of video and painting, in a combination rare among the artist’s works. Smith has performed in it a “dismantling [of] the frame through conceptual plays on repetition and difference, through which her production is displaced from painting… toward the… potential to ‘unframe’ the frame.” This book records the filmic event, taking the reader on a tour of the fantastical, surrealistic ruins of the “English garden” constructed by the British writer Edward James (1907–1984). The journey evokes not only the creation of the gardens and pavilions but also the explorations amidst them of artists such as Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, and Gordon Matta-Clark, in residual spaces of the twentieth century. El Mojado is an independent publishing house that seeks to promote projects of artists whose work is imbued with otherness. our aim is to show the fields of an off-center vision, views from different places and standpoints, away from the basis that emphasize the shift, the liminality, the outline. El Mojado has no defined headquarters.