Freedom: The Happy Hypocrite

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The newest issue of The Happy Hypocrite challenges restraining notions found in art and writing about who can and cannot speak and, in response to Kafka, to what we don t know has damaged us. Freedom is a complicated word, in which and beside which so much hypocrisy lives. With a range of new contributions, including texts by Gregg Bordowitz, Paul Chan, Lydia Davis, Yasmine El-Rashidi, Ed Halter, James Jennings, Allison Katz, Craig Owens, Sarah Resnick, Ranbir Sidhu and Abdellah Taia; an interview between Lynne Tillman and Tom Kennan; a cover by Susan Hiller and archival material from Paranoids Anonymous Newsletter. It is sad to note that after five issues, Maria Fusco is handing off editorial control to a series of guest editors, in which all aspects of the magazine will be rethought, reevaluated and rewritten.Published by Book Works, London

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